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About One Thirty Nine Consulting

What We Do

One Thirty Nine Consulting provides comprehensive support for Threat and Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Analysis, and Crisis and Consequence Mitigation. Our solutions focus on empowering your organization. We are dedicated to protecting the people, places, and things that you value, safeguarding your operations, and enabling the mitigation and management of any potential disruption.

About One Thirty Nine

One Thirty Nine Consulting was established in late 2020, as the global COVID-19 crisis continued to disrupt daily-life around the world. Our goal is to inform, educate, instruct, and guide individuals and organizations to survive disruption, recognize the lessons to be learned from their experiences, and successfully engage the opportunities that are inherent in the associated risk, crises, and consequences.

We are inspired by the Greek mythos of Metis, the Titan responsible for wisdom and deep thought. Our goal is to provide a critical combination of prudence, skill, and cunning and be a wise counselor to guide your team towards greater resilience.

The One Thirty Nine approach results in more than preparedness; it results in being ready to apply that preparedness in any situation. 

We Believe:

  • Disruption does not always start with a negative. And, when managed appropriately, disruption is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • We serve our clients by providing analytical and operational support that they will apply to increase their resilience to disruption, regardless of its cause.
  • We must be open, honest, and direct with our clients, our people, and our partners.
  • That integrity, whether in assessing the current situation or in applying our experience and expertise, is the ultimate measure of our worth.   

Aaron Marks, Founder & Principal

Aaron brings over thirty years of experience as a first responder, emergency manager, and consultant, resulting in a specialized understanding of risk, crisis, and consequence management. Focusing on what his wife describes as “messy medicine,” Aaron applies his experience as a First Responder and Emergency Manager to engage organizations and maximize their resilience in the face of both tangible and intangible disruptions. As an equal parts instigator, facilitator, and educator, he has dedicated his professional life to proving his point that we are all out of good options once a response has begun. Investing in prevention, protection, and mitigation is the best way to expand the pool of possibilities when we have no other choice but to respond.

Aaron Marks

Before founding One Thirty Nine Consulting, Aaron served in a wide range of Emergency Medical Services, Disaster Response, and Professional Services Consulting capacities. Aaron served as a Senior Principal with Dynamis, Inc., where he was responsible for developing and leading programs focused on defining preparedness and integrating the principles of readiness into organizations across the government and private sectors. He also served as a featured lecturer for the NATO Joint CBRN Defence Center of Excellence, speaking extensively on consequence management following a chemical incident. Volunteering as a Paramedic and Assistant Fire Chief in Rappahannock County, Virginia, keeps Aaron’s head in the operational game and allows him to give back to his local community while keeping him grounded and humble. Aaron draws on his diverse experience to combine academic theory with practical application and enable others to do the same.

Aaron earned a B.S. in Psychology from Texas Tech University and a Master’s in Public Administration, focusing on Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University.